Development Associate

Development Associate

Job Purpose

Assist the Orchestra Team and external project team (consultants, contractors, lenders, engineers,
architects, marketing teams, brokers, attorneys, etc.) in coordinating all aspects of the development process,
from vision, master plan and conception through financing, design, marketing, construction, leasing and C/O.

Duties and responsibilities

Mission and Vision
○ Understand and build on Orchestra Partners’ mission, core competency, and history in order to
carry out the vision.
○ Be able to articulate the mission and vision of Orchestra Partners when talking to lenders,
potential tenants, designers, and press.

Project Processes
○ Understand the importance of various reporting, documenting, and meeting processes within
the larger business practices Orchestra uses to create consistency and efficiency.
○ Create project pro formas, draw schedules, tenant allowance budgets, CIP reports, monthly
progress reports, and construction schedules.
○ Modify project process documents to incorporate changes during the life of a project while
maintaining an established schedule and budget.

Project Management
○ Ensure smooth handoffs between various project teams.
○ Coordinate bidding, budgeting, re-zoning, entitlement process, approvals, permitting, etc. and
any other process else related to either adaptive reuse or new build projects.
○ Communicate with and respond to customers, stakeholders, sales managers, etc. questions
throughout the development life cycle.

○ 3-5+ years applicable experience with design, architecture, and project management. Preference given
to candidates with urban/CBD development experience.
○ Outstanding communication and people skills, exceptional organizational and time management skills,
and ability to oversee multiple projects simultaneously, critically analyze data, and present findings.
○ Familiarity with all processes and tools needed to execute roles & responsibilities listed above, and
evidence of at least one project management experience that demonstrates relevance to this position.
○ Must be fearless, passionate, and innovative.
○ Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
○ Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and ability to work with digital image files within basic software.
○ Adobe Creative Suite, CAD software, and SketchUp