Development Associate

Development Associate

Job Purpose

As part of the Orchestra Partners Development Team, you will assist the Team and 3rd party vendors in coordinating
the 3 phases of the Orchestra development process: Discovery, Planning, and Execution. As a Development Associate,
you will be an essential member of our core work at Orchestra Partners, transforming urban places through strategic
planning and development with a community-first approach. This is the first step on the path to becoming a Partner.

Duties and responsibilities

Mission and Vision
○ Understand and build on Orchestra Partners’ mission, core competency, and history in order to
carry out the vision.
○ Be able to articulate the mission and vision of Orchestra Partners when talking to lenders,
potential tenants, designers, and press.

Project Processes
○ Understand the importance of various reporting, documenting, and meeting processes within
the larger business practices Orchestra uses to create consistency and efficiency.
○ Create project pro formas, draw schedules, tenant allowance budgets, CIP reports, monthly
progress reports, and construction schedules.
○ Modify project process documents to incorporate changes during the life of a project while
maintaining an established schedule and budget.

Project Management
○ Ensure smooth handoffs between various project teams.
○ Coordinate bidding, budgeting, re-zoning, entitlement process, approvals, permitting, etc. and
any other process else related to either adaptive reuse or new build projects.
○ Communicate with and respond to customers, stakeholders, sales managers, etc. questions
throughout the development life cycle.


Technical and organizational
○ Technology: Demonstrated ability to work with all processes and tools needed to execute roles and responsibilities;
exhibits technological savvy and ability to learn new technology tools easily; willing to self-teach technology by practicing
and searching for resources online
○ Development Work: Demonstrated ability to champion and complete tasks related to design, construction management,
project management, vendor management, and/or finance
○ Well-Rounded: Demonstrated ability to learn the whole life cycle of a project; has some or all Associate skills (Design,
Project Management, Marketing, Finance, Construction, etc.)
○ Organization: Demonstrated ability to manage time effectively; critically analyzes data and presents findings; able to oversee
multiple projects simultaneously; desire to keep track of processes and update documents to better communicate steps to get things done

Decision-making and problem-solving
○ Problem-solver: Demonstrated ability to solve problems using cross-functional skills; ability to learn new fields through research and asking
a lot of questions; willingness to be vulnerable about lack of knowledge in a particular field; ability to “zoom out” and understand the context of
the problem to frame what the solution should look like, even in an unfamiliar field of expertise
○ Solutions-finder: Demonstrated propensity to seek solutions to problems on their own time before presenting problems to others to solve
○ Action-Oriented: Ability to take initiative, be inquisitive and have a sense of urgency around moving activities forward when they seem to be stalled

Communication and interpersonal skills
○ Teamwork: Demonstrated competency in working with a complex team of individuals on a variety of tasks
○ Communication: Demonstrated ability to use good communication skills, including written, verbal and presentations;
passionately expresses interest in OP’s work; able to share how personal interests and beliefs align with OP’s mission
○ Professionalism & Respect: Demonstrated propensity to treat others with respect and understanding; receives critical
feedback well and adjusts accordingly; professional approach and appearance that creates good impressions; demonstrates
an ability to empathize with clients, vendors, teammates, and other stakeholders while still being able to hold others accountable

○ 3-5+ years applicable experience with design, architecture, and project management. Preference given
to candidates with urban/CBD development experience.
○ Outstanding communication and people skills, exceptional organizational and time management skills,
and ability to oversee multiple projects simultaneously, critically analyze data, and present findings.
○ Familiarity with all processes and tools needed to execute roles & responsibilities listed above, and
evidence of at least one project management experience that demonstrates relevance to this position.
○ Must be fearless, passionate, and innovative.
○ Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
○ Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and ability to work with digital image files within basic software.
○ Adobe Creative Suite, CAD software, and SketchUp