Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Job Purpose

The asset manager function will be responsible for the operational and financial performance of all properties
owned and/or operated by Orchestra Partners or an affiliate that are not under development. This person will
primarily engage with and manage third-party service providers that will perform the day-to-day activities
which include property accounting, property management, and leasing.

Duties and responsibilities

– Set goals and develop key metrics to measure property performance for each property
– Hold all third-parties accountable to meeting key performance metrics
– On-board and off-board all third parties associated with Asset Management as needed and
provide monthly updates to leadership team measuring the performance of any third parties
– Meet with Development Team periodically to provide input to improve design and operational
efficiency prior to completion and handoff
– Meet with Development Team to inform project pro forma operational financials
– Work with development team members to ensure a smooth transition from Development Team
to Asset Management

Property Management and Accounting
– Challenge third-party property manager to provide benchmarks and metrics to justify property
budgets and compare properties against other similar properties
– Identify opportunities to make property operations more efficient or cost-effective
– Review annual budgets created by third-party property accountant for completeness and
– Review CAM reconciliations prepared by third-party manager
– Coordinate yearly real estate tax bill tracking and appeal process
– Perform monthly property reviews that will include the following: month-to-month variance analysis; budget to
actual variance analysis;
outstanding AR/AP review; vacancy loss report review; recoverable/non-recoverable analysis
– Hold the third-party property manager accountable to managing all tenant interactions and
leading any tenant lease conversations
– Interact with tenants on a limited basis only when it is outside of the scope of the third-party
– Facilitate the transfer of completed development projects to third-party property manager
– Review any lease abstracts and updates to abstracts and ensure abstracts and rent rolls reflect
lease terms

– Create leasing plans for any vacancies in any properties, including timeframes for leasing,
budgeted capital expenses required for leasing, marketing activities and budgeted marketing
– Review draft leases provided by property manager and/or attorney and manage third parties
associated with lease negotiations and drafting
– Review LOIs and negotiate lease terms
– Set expectations and accountability metrics for leasing and hold leasing agents accountable

Education: Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in an applicable field

– Impeccable analytical and organizational skills
– Strong interpersonal and communication skills
– Strong leadership skills

Other characteristics such as personal characteristics:
– Self-motivated and self-directed
– Ability to work closely with a senior management team
– Experience and ability to hold others accountable and drive measurable results

Experience: Minimum of 3 years of asset or property management related experience

Working conditions
Ability to work in an open office environment.

Physical requirements

Direct reports