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We'll manage your building.

Orchestra Partners is unique in the building management field because we have developed a specialized suite of services to address the needs of building owners who are also tenants. We understand that your business is not just another tenant and that your building is not just another asset. After all, we are owner-occupiers too!


Building maintenance and work order management

Building maintenance and work order management are the biggest headaches for owners, and we understand why. As an owner-occupier, your time is your most valuable commodity. You need to be focused on your business, not dealing with your leaky toilet.

  • Guaranteed Response Time on All Work Orders
  • Convenient Email Ticketing for Work Orders
  • Regular Building Inspections for Preventative Maintenance
  • Network of Vetted and Trusted Specialists for Any Need

Vendor management

The average owner-occupied property utilizes seven different regular service vendors each year. Maintaining these vendor relationships is the single largest time commitment for owner-operators. We provide complete vendor management from vetting new vendors and managing quality control to getting job estimates and auditing and paying final invoices.

  • Annual Vendor Reviews
  • Vendor Agreement Negotiation
  • Vetting and Hiring New Vendors
  • Firing and Replacing Underperforming  Vendors

Accounting and Budgeting

Managing the finances of a property requires time, attention to detail and knowledge of ever-changing accounting laws. Under Orchestra Partners' accounting and budgeting suite of services, our property accounting professionals will compare costs and services, help you plan for capital improvements and look for opportunities for cost savings

  • Annual Budgeting and Projections
  • Monthly and Yearly Operating Statements
  • Property Taxes/Insurance/Debt Service Payments
  • Bank Reconciliation

Expanded building services

In addition to offering everything you would expect form a building management provider, we also know that owner-occupiers sometimes need help with other issues related to thier building. That's why we offer additional a la carte services ranging from space planning and office furniture procurement to contruction and remodeling project management.

  • Space Planning
  • Construction and Remodeling Project Management
  • Build-to-Suit Development
  • Real Estate Strategy Consulting

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