Our vision of creating sustainable growth and long-term impact guides us through every project and opportunity. We pursue strategic investments that serve as anchors for revitalizing communities. Unlike many real estate firms, we’re not brokers, and we don’t build any one product. We target walkable urban communities with existing functional, historic buildings and properties located in markets that have intrinsic value. Many of our investors are interested in ways they can have an impact on a neighborhood they care about or defer or reduce their capital gains bill, while at the same time pursuing opportunities for appreciation. We focus on investing in opportunity zones throughout Birmingham because it presents a win-win situation for all involved.


What Makes Orchestra Partners Different?


  •  Short Timeframes: Orchestra Partners delivers most projects to market in 12 – 18 months. By moving quickly, we avoid the unpredictability of long-term market forces.
  •  Red Tape Savvy: Orchestra Partners is not dependent on ground up construction but normally repurposes existing structures that have an inherently higher floor value than land in downtown.
  •  Complementary Projects: Orchestra Partners is not a merchant builder. Its principals often understand submarket trends and local political influencers better than competitors, including potential sellers, upcoming projects, and political roadblocks.


Our Approach to Real Estate Development


  1. Exploration: We leverage local relationships with brokers and property owners to find off-market deals in undervalued submarkets that have the potential to become walkable epicenters of city life. These epicenters provide future expansion efforts at a relatively low basis-per-project, allowing us to design truly unique and desirable products for an increasingly picky consumer market. Examples:Various off-market deals in Morris Ave, Five Points South, etc.
  2. Creation: Project design generates interest in buyer and tenant circles as the approval and permitting process kicks off construction. Over the next year, Orchestra will continue to use its broker network, traditional marketing, and social media to drive curiosity and attract the tenant mix needed to create a sustainable culture. Examples: Five Points Lane, Mercantile on Morris, The Frank, Printers Corner, Parkside.
  3. Stabilization: Completed projects are handed off to our in-house asset management team, which has a vested interest in maximizing NOI and fostering tenant satisfaction. Not outsourcing property management to a fee-based third party streamlines the development-to-management process, and continues increasing project value until sale or re-finance. Examples: Avondale Brewing Block, The Woolworth, Founders Station, Studio Arts.


For more information about investment opportunities, please contact us at [email protected]