North/South Avondale

Since 2010, the Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham has seen a resurgence of growth and revitalization thanks to retailers, restaurants and a brewery who have made Avondale a popular destination. Focusing on further developing Avondale as an entertainment destination, we have invested in the neighborhood by purchasing the Avondale Brewing Block and we continue to work with the Avondale Merchant Association, residents and the City to identify opportunities to further grow this area through retail and restaurant space.


Avondale Brewing Block


With growing foot traffic along the 41st Street corridor, Orchestra Partners saw an opportunity to invest in the neighborhood and keep local businesses thriving. In October 2017, Orchestra Partners helped keep Avondale Brewery local when we purchased almost the entire Avondale brewing block and the brewery itself, immediately selling the brewery to Good People Brewing Company. The 60,000-square-foot block is also occupied by Avondale Common House, Saw’s Soul Kitchen and Post Office Pies. An auto repair building has also been added to the campus, along with increased security and business signage in the 3rd Ave. parking lot.