Birmingham’s Parkside District located in within the Southside neighborhood has seen a resurgence over the last few years due to the creation of Railroad Park and Regions Field. With UAB and Children’s Hospital’s presence just south of this area, this area continues to grow while local amenities like Good People Brewing and the Negro Southern League Museum continue to attract residents and visitors to the area. We believe that Parkside’s growth plays an important role in downtown Birmingham’s revitalization and we look forward to contributing to that growth.

Located just three blocks from UAB, the “You Are Beautiful” building at the corner of 201 18th Street South is a mixed-use project offering residential shells that the buyer can customize inside and on the rooftop. The building will feature ground floor retail and custom condominiums with private roof decks and patios with a garden. Initial construction will be complete in November 2018.

With the growth of the Parkside District, parking has become a major problem. With on-street parking often full and with no parking deck in the area, parking is scarce. Orchestra decided to buy a non-historic warehouse and create a public, off-street parking lot just steps away from Good People Brewery, Regions Field and Railroad Park. The new surface lot will hold almost 80 spaces and the pay-by-app system will make the parking process faster and easier to manage, while offering a much needed parking solution to local businesses and visitors